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A Seed Starting Montage

Let me set the scene for you:

It's a sunny morning. We see tools set on the bench. An almost empty bucket of dirt sits on the floor.

We hear someone enter.

The radio comes on.

We hear Outkast's Hey Ya begin.

We follow the bucket around the room as ingredients are poured in. 1 scoop of vermiculite, 1 scoop of wet coconut coir and 2 scoops of mushroom compost.

Next we see the hands of our unknown hero as they begin mixing. First with a wooden spoon, then with bare hands to break up the clumps. We marvel at how realistic it is that there isn't a manicured nail in sight and then cool clear water is being added.

Now the angle changes and we see more of our hero and a funky, futuristic tool enters the screen? What is this mysterious contraption?

It's a small soil block press. Press, lift, repeat. Over and over and Heeeey Yaaaa, ah ah, Hey Ya.

The tray is full, there are seeds going in and being tucked in and then covered.

The scene ends and Hey Ya fades out. 240 plants have been started 30 minutes have passed.

Our hero begins again.

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