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What's a food forest?

Glad you asked.

Forest gardening is a low-impact sustainable food production and agro-forestry system based on mimicking woodland ecosystems.
By building an ecosystem we can efficiently farm without the destructive effects of conventional farming. Our goal is to repair the land’s natural resources by cutting swales, planting trees and developing small flocks and herds to perform vital natural processes for the plants.
We first began by mowing the area and watching throughout the seasons to asses the landscape. Out major changes then started with swales and a mini retention pond for water control. The small Muscovy duck flock that we maintain quickly took to the pond and brought frogs and other wildlife to it. It was amazing to watch the transformation being aided by our birds in that way. 
In order to improve the compacted ground where we've been moving it we have been adding mushroom soil by the truck load to bring life back into the area. Carefully selected perennial native plants have been slowly establishing themselves from the many seeds we've sown.
As we better learn what our ground is capable of supporting we're nurturing trees and shrubs of all kinds. Our goal will take years to achieve but we're in it for the long haul. Check back periodically for updates as we make steps forward.

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